The Cove in Eleuthera, Bahamas

I have never really considered myself a resort-style traveler. I like nice places to stay. I like luxury too. But, in general, I am not a fan of having everything taken care of for me and I do not like controlled environments where everything feels perfectly planned and the personality of a destination is contained to the perimeter. But maybe I got it all wrong.

After staying at The Cove Resort in Eleuthera, I just might have found an ideal resort destination for me.


There is no getting around the price tag. It is not an affordable place to stay. This was a splurge for us, and even with a generous budget going in, we still went over on expenses. But […] Continue Reading…

Planning for Eleuthera, Bahamas

You should choose Eleuthera, Bahamas for your next vacation. There is a saying in Eleuthera that it is “not for everyone.” Maybe that was the case some time ago, or perhaps it is a way to make visitors feel special, part of the in-crowd that “gets it,” but based on my Thanksgiving 2014 vacation it sure seems like it is an ideal destination for all. We loved Eleuthera and I feel very confident that you will too.


It all started after our vacation to Vieques, Puerto Rico when we flew over the Bahamas. I was mesmerized by the islands and their rainbow of blue-hued waters. Plus, it was closer to the states which was appealing to reduce travel time (or […] Continue Reading…

Sampling the Mission District in San Francisco, CA

Dave and I have been lucky enough to be regular visitors to the great city of San Francisco, CA.  In our visits, we usually lean toward being near the water.  But on our most recent visit, I created a Pinterest board of new places that I wanted to try.  Through that process, I noticed that some of the better casual restaurants of the city were located in the Mission District.

Postcard Plans to San Francisco, CA

The Mission District is located in the Central part of the city with the main thoroughfare being Mission Street. Known for the mission buildings that still stand today, the area has been a home for a diverse population that has brought their delicious food into the community.  Probably most famous […] Continue Reading…

Staying at The Belmont Hotel in Dallas, TX

When my husband’s job bid him to Dallas for a working weekend, I jumped at the chance to learn more about the city but also tempered my expectations of what I would find. And in my initial research for hotels, I was a little disappointed with how few affordable options had the personality that I was hoping to find.  Until, I came across the Belmont Hotel.

Visit to Dallas, TX

Visit to Dallas, TX

Visit to Dallas, TX

Nestled on a North Oak Cliff hilltop, the Belmont Hotel is a historic motor court hotel with a vintage flair.  With only 64 rooms, the hotel offers cool comfort in a design-inspired destination.  While your parents might have avoided this area growing up*, the Oak Cliff neighborhood is now an ideal location just outside […] Continue Reading…

Biking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA

I am not sure that I would do it again, but I can tell you that I am proud I did it. My experience biking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco came with a thumb sprain, broken brakes, sun burn and a good cough. Let’s just say it was an adventure from the get-go, but it was well worth all the drama for the unbelievable views.


My husband and I have rented bikes in San Francisco several times before, though they have been simple bikes, a cruiser one visit and an electric bike another. The cruiser was perfect for a basic ride from the Fisherman’s Wharf to the base of the bridge where the terrain is fairly flat, and […] Continue Reading…