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A Naughty Food & Drink Weekend In New Orleans


I have had some minor health issues lately, and the doctor has prescribed a bland diet and alcohol reduction. Bah-humbug!  With an upcoming visit to New Orleans planned, I was so bummed – because how could I properly enjoy the Big Easy on a non-spicy, non-fried diet without a cocktail?

We decided that it would be too challenging for me to stick to my diet prescription and so we changed our plans. But it got me thinking about all the naughty food and drink that I would miss.

If I had no dietary concerns then here are the very naughty, but very yummy food and drink stops on my fantasy food and drink weekend in New Orleans:

  • Erin Rose for a frozen Irish Coffee
  • Yo Mama’s Grill for a burger and potato (so big that it can be shared)
  • Preservation Hall for a show with VIP seats bringing in a hurricane from Pat O’Briens
  • The Spotted Cat on Frenchman Street for a drink and live music
  • Cure and Bar Tonique for quality cocktails
  • Verti Merte for a sandwich
  • Red Gravy for brunch
  • Saint Charles street car ride to Columns Hotel for a drink
  • Charbroiled oysters at Acme
  • Happy hour half price pizza at Domenica
  • Sazerac bar for a sazerac
  • Carousel Lounge at Monteleone for a drink

I am sure that I have more that I could add to that list, and hopefully I get to revisit the city soon so that I can continue to add to my favorite destinations.  But for the moment all I can do is look back at past images from our fabulous visits and daydream of returning soon.  Be sure to check out some of past articles on New Orleans HERE.

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