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My name is Rachel Blackney Tepper and I am a travel planning addict.  I admit it.  I accept it.  I kinda like it.

It probably stems from being an information junkie — it makes me feel more secure to be informed.  I feel good when I have a plan.  Don’t get me wrong, I like free time with no obligations.  In fact, I plan free time!  But I handle surprises and detours best when I have sponged up as much as I can about a subject to make an informed decision.  I love to interact with locals and vacation regulars to get their opinion as well.  I don’t want to feel lost or vulnerable and I definitely do not want to be a fish out of water. So I started this blog with the intention of focusing this research problem into a positive outlet. And because my poor husband, Dave, is tired of me planning trips that we never take — perhaps it will inspire us to travel more as well.

I am a Texan and, as you would expect, I am very proud of this.  But I moved to Los Angeles after college with dreams of making it big in Hollywood.  There, I met a very entertaining and handsome California man, Dave, at my very first job in the city.  Today we are married and somehow he convinced me to leave the gorgeous beaches, mountains and weather of California to move back to the Lone Star State.  As it goes in life, maturity changed my priorities and my time in LA had run its course. We started in Austin and eventually moved to Houston for Dave’s growing career in sports radio. I have maintained a career in film, from film/television production staff to non-profit film and media arts administration.  I have worked for some wonderful organizations in both Austin and Houston, but I find myself wanting to take on another challenge. My job is supporting creatives, but I have wanted something of my own.

I think that the demands of blogging will be a big personal challenge, but I have a list of topics and a never-ending passion that I am hoping will drive this blog naturally.  And I am hoping that I have a forgiving readership who might find my insights entertaining or useful (thank you friends and family).

An important part of our entourage is our two dogs, Coach and Madden.  Coach is a golden retriever who loves to run and swim, and smiles all the time.  He is a family dog.  My aunt owned his grandmother and aunt, and my uncle owned his mother.  The Blackneys are a family of golden retriever snobs though I think the addition of Madden may have changed their minds.  Madden is a rescue from an Austin shelter and he was labeled a Saint Bernard but we more often hear that he reminds people of a Bernese Mountain Dog or a Border Collie.  I guess we will never know, but he is a loyal snuggle buddy with the softest fur and lots of love in his fur tuxedo.  When possible, we like to travel with them.

So thank you for visiting my blog and getting to know a little more about me.  I hope that you enjoy my blog!



Wedding Day_0186P1010757Rachel and Dave


  1. Rachel, I am loving your blog. You write so well. I’m in awe of your talent for creating this blog. You are simply amazing!!!! I am definitely a fan and will follow your blog faithfully. Please travel to Southern CA soon and visit us!!!

    Love you…


    • Thank you so much Jeanne! We are looking forward to being there at the end of the year, and especially exploring Santa Barbara too.

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