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Do you love travel?  I do.  When stressed, I find comfort in planning a trip that I might never take.  I spend an odd amount of my spare time thinking about all the possibilities and places that I could go — my little vacation crush(es).  But I have a full-time job and obligations at home, so while I may have wanderlust, realistic adventures are the most appealing to me.  I am drawn to vacation ideas that are affordable with a touch of luxury and a touch of adventure too.  I might not be able to go on as many trips as I would like to each year, but my focus leans toward feasible possibilities for the average adult.

My writing style is geared toward couples with a modest budget that like to travel in North America with a good level of comfort (sorry no hostels). While I like to pay tribute to iconic tourist stops, I believe that the most fun is had while integrating in as a neighbor.  And, I adore unique, cozy travel lodgings and cities that indulge in good meals and drinks, but also place importance on healthy activity options too.

I do a lot of research and planning for my vacations, and I love to read and dream about destinations that I might not yet have plans for too.  And so, in trying to turn this minor planning addiction into something positive, I started this blog to share all this information and research. It might be helpful to someone else, it might inspire someone, and it gives a home to all the information that I gather.

In addition to my personal trip reports and tales from the road, I will also share outside blogs and news stories that I have stumbled upon — curated travel musings that inspire me. In some ways, these travel bloggers and news stories make the unattainable seem within reach with their tips, photos and interactivity.  And I hope that by sharing travel blogs and travel news, in addition to my personal information and stories, that Postcard Plans will travel across the entire world.

Areas that I really hope to explore in-depth through this blog include traveling with dogs, healthy activities on vacation, food and drinks on vacation, and unique accommodations.  These are all areas that appeal to me and I hope that they will appeal to you as well!


  1. Love your photos! At many levels…thanks for doing this, I am a dreamer too.

    • Thanks so much! We love taking photos and I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Dreaming of a California vacation now! – Rachel

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