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Blog Share: “9 Views in Greece That Blew My Mind” from Young Adventuress


Starting my little travel blog came with inspiration… and a tad bit of jealousy thanks to travel bloggers such as the Young Adventuress.  Her latest blog post ups the envy with an overview of images from her treks through Greece.  While my husband and I love to travel, our work schedules and salaries usually limit us to travel within the United States. While we love the easy and beautiful adventures that are right here in the United States, I have a few soft spots, and Greece is one of them.

Oh yes, Young Adventuress, I want to go to Greece and your most recent blog post is not helping me get over it.

Check out more images and the full blog.  I highly recommend it.

9 Views in Greece That Blew My Mind – Young Adventuress.


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