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Blog Share: “Guide to Austin’s Best Cultural Hotels” from The Culture Trip


While we travel to Austin frequently, we have not stayed in many hotels in the city.  Often we stay with friends or we have also used many of the vacation rental options available.  Honestly, I really like the vacation rentals and tend to prefer them over an average hotel — but there are some hotels that are the cream of the crop.  In recent years there has been a boom in boutique hotels in Austin and this lovely list from The Culture Trip highlights some of my favorite ones.

I can check off the Hotel San Jose, which we stayed in over 10 years ago when we were deciding to move to Austin from California.  I think it was the style and zen nature, not to mention close proximity to South Congress, that sold Dave on the big change.  It was a bit of a splurge for our budget then, and it still is today, but it comes with a quality experience that is well worth it.  From the shampoos to the modern pool, and even the outside bar area (which is dog-friendly), if you are headed to Austin then it would be my top recommendation. Or at least stop and have a glass of wine.

Unfortunately, I have not stayed at these other lovely options but I hear great things about them all as well.  Someday I will stay at them all.

I mean if you are going to travel, then you might as well do it right.

Check out this list and check out this unique hotels for your next visit to Austin:

Guide to Austin’s Best Cultural Hotels

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