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Blog share: “Mike Sutter’s Fed Man 55: Austin’s Best Restaurants” from Fed Man Walking


We have been to Austin many, many times and it is one of our absolute favorite places to go.  It was also one of our favorite places to live and we reflect back on those days fondly still.  The city has changed a lot since we left, some things we like and others not so much, but the overall spirit of the city will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

For July 4th we will be house-sitting for a friend and have agreed that this trip we will focus on discovering some of the new things.  We tend to revisit the past when we go, visiting the tried-and-true places that we used to frequent years ago- but this trip we are planning to do things a little differently. So I was eager to dive into this blog that I discovered covering “Fed Man’s” favorite restaurants.

I like that he offers an apology for not putting some of the usual suspects on the list.  History is great and we have been to many of those fine eateries that the city will always have a soft spot for as well – but this is a perfect list for us to start fresh and find inspiration for some new foodie spots that don’t have politics involved in pleasing the greatest hits, but really judging the food alone.

I have already made some reservations based on this list and am excited to visit Austin with a fresh eye …and belly too.

Read the blog here:  Mike Sutter’s Fed Man 55: Austin’s Best Restaurants | Fed Man Walking.

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