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Blog Share: “SeattleFlyerGuy’s All-Purpose Travel Blog: A Local’s View of the Pike Place Market [2013]”


And so the latest obsession has begun… we recently booked a pre-football season vacation to Seattle for a long weekend.  My husband works in sports radio and I lose him to football “obligations” (oh yes, his life is tough) from September to January.  For the most part, his focus is not only on viewing, analyzing and programming games on two radio stations but it is also at promotional events too.  We still take Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations, but our little weekend getaways pretty much stop.

So this is my last hurrah for a little bit (well in truth we also get a little July 4th Austin trip but we lived there for five years so that does not count in my book), and I have already begun my research process for determining the best places that fit our travel style and I am really excited that I found a decent hotel rate for one of the top hotels in the city.  I looked into so many vacation rentals but almost everything was booked in August that was central.  It’s peak travel season.  Honestly most of the vacation rentals were comparable to hotel stays, which is not usually the case.

We are trying to avoid a car rental, and I really think that we do not need one between the public transit and free bicycles from the hotel, but staying central was key to saving that money.  Our location will be very close to the Pike Place Market and I am glad that we will have some weekdays in the city to see it at quieter time when less visitors are present.

So,  I wanted to share this great blog that I found from “SeattleFlyerGuy” with really wonderful articles on Seattle.  This one about the market was not only thorough but has some lovely images.  I am looking forward to reading more of his tips and suggestions.

Read the blog here:

SeattleFlyerGuy’s All-Purpose Travel Blog: A Local’s View of the Pike Place Market [2013].


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