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Enjoying Rainey Street in Austin, Texas


As a travel news junkie, I am usually looking to travel writers and bloggers to lead me to new finds.  So I felt a little behind in my travel blogging when I came across this USA Today article, “New and notable: Austin’s latest hotspot” which details Austin’s Rainey Street.

Ugh, I should have already written my blog post.

We came across Rainey Street on a visit rather randomly.  I think that I did a search on Yelp for top bars in the area, and several locations that I did not know came up.  We lived in Austin for years and visit regularly, so this peaked my curiosity. And while we have our usual places, I convinced my husband to try something new… and now years later Rainey Street has become a regular stop for us on our visits.

It started off rather grungy with only a few converted homes turned into upscale bars, surrounded by dilapidated homes and obsolete businesses but over time the street has attracted more and more businesses.  Now parking is near impossible to find, so we ride our bikes.  And then we hop from bar to bar, snack to snack.

It is still close to 6th Street and it is becoming more widely known, so many of the inexperienced college drunks are finding their way over to the area, but in general it seems to have a little more class and character than East and West 6th Street or 4th Street.  We do favor an earlier visit as we use our bicycles and prefer daylight.  During this time, it is really easygoing and casual.

Here are some images from our visits:

IMG_1881 IMG_1882 IMG_2061   IMG_3298 IMG_2539IMG_0896IMG_0895 IMG_2547    IMG_3301 IMG_3299IMG_3297  IMG_3303  IMG_3305 IMG_3304IMG_3306 IMG_3307 IMG_3315IMG_3310 IMG_3311  IMG_3316 IMG_3317 IMG_3318 IMG_3319 IMG_3320 IMG_3321 IMG_3324 IMG_3327

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