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Not Another Blog! Why?


Yeah, yeah… I know what you are thinking.  “Not another blog please — and about travel too?!” I get it.  There are already a lot of resources and travel blogs that exist.  So what the hell am I thinking?

In looking at other blogs about travel, many of whom I absolutely adore, I find that the voice that I can identify with is often missing.  My husband and I love to travel but we are seeking affordable luxury.  I have found that many of the blogs do not seem accessible to me.  We will NOT be backpacking through Europe staying in hostels and we definitely do not prefer the mega all-inclusive resorts either.  Nothing against those itineraries, but it seems like those adventure seekers are without a plan by choice.  There is freedom in that – to be able to change direction without concern or have all the planning taken care of for you.  This might be the dream vacation for many.  But, for me, the adventure begins before I ever set foot in the destination.

I would like to call myself an average traveler, but I guess I just assume that is the case.  The majority of people may not like the effort or work that goes into finding alternative lodging or local dive bars.  For my husband and I, we like to immerse ourselves into the environment of the destination, rather than bubble up in an idyllic setting with a menu of dining and activities already planned. We like to do activities that are friendly to the amateur and accessible to most, but also a challenge and not necessarily first-world and definitely not first-class.   An ideal vacation would include homey accommodations with plans for a nice affordable meal before an adventure that includes a modest amount of physicality. My trip planning tends to focus on couples travel but I also take group trips with family.  But with a more advanced age (not quite 40 but on my way), I also want a certain amount of luxury at a bargain price.  And finally for these adventures, I love products from fashion to travel accessories, as well as unique travel meals that I cannot only look forward to on vacation but also enjoy in the afterglow of vacation.

Time will tell how this whole blog experiment goes, but I am feeling good so far and I hope that you will join me…

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