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Pinterest Map of New Orleans Destinations


Pinterest, we have a problem.  This new mapping feature is wonderful, and I fear that I might obsess about making city maps for each of my favorite destinations – of which there are many.  You might be my new addiction, my new free time filler, my new weekend distraction.  This is a problem, but I love you anyway.

I have wanted something like this for my planning purposes for a long time.  It helps me research freely without thinking about the location, and then I can go back and view the items on a map to find groupings by area for daily plans.  So, for example, I was able to see that one of the restaurants on my wish list is located right by City Park, where Celebration in the Oaks takes place.  I was also able to see that I can just take the Canal Street Line to both of them.  So we will ride the streetcar to dinner and then head over to see the holiday light display following.


Check out all my work here:

Pinterest Map of New Orleans Destinations by Postcard Plans

And wish me luck on making it to all these hot spots.  I should get a medal if I do!

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