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Snowshoe Tour in Bend, OR


I had my mind set on a snow vacation this year and after much research and debate, my husband and I decided on Bend, OR.  Bend was a great fit for us for a few reasons.

First, we did not want to have a long drive in the snow.  Many ski resorts require flying into a major airport and then taking a long trek by car.  We decided that we would rather do two easy flights than drive.  The Bend airport, actually Redmond to be precise, is an adorable, small, clean airport.  Not only that, but United offered great mileage deals into the city.

The other factor that we strongly considered was the craft beer community.  The independent, small batch brews that originate from this community are top-notch.  If you like quality beer, then Bend has a lot to offer.

Next we wanted a lot of alternatives to skiing.  I broke my wrist about a year ago and I tore my ACL skiing about 15 years ago.  I am just not really in the mindset to be a good skier.  But, my husband snowboards.  So, I need activities to do while he boards.  Bend offered nordic skiing and several nearby yoga classes.

Plus the vibe of the city felt like a good fit.  Coming from Austin and California, we lean toward the small “hippie” style communities.  And it was a perfect fit.

One of the cool things that we did was a snowshoe tour with an organization called Wanderlust Tours.  Our guide was fabulous and I am sorry that the sound proof case on the GoPro does now allow for her informative tour to be included.  It was called the Shoes, Brews and Views Tour. We exercised, we had a cold one from the snow, and we learned something.

It was a good day.

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