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Staying at the Maison Dupuy Hotel in New Orleans


Location, location, location.

Just two blocks from Bourbon Street, the Maison Dupuy Hotel is a quiet oasis that feels a world away from the nightlife chaos of New Orleans but is still conveniently located to all the central French Quarter attractions.  It is the perfect site for an authentic New Orleans stay that is close to the action, yet a respite for rest and relaxation too.

Maison Dupuy Hotel

With so many options for places to stay in New Orleans, it can be overwhelming to decide where to stay.  For a first-time visitor there is no better option than to plant yourself in the middle of the action near the French Quarter and Maison Dupuy Hotel is genuinely a solid choice.  I always find it more enjoyable to avoid the big box hotels that you can find in any city and embrace the smaller, historical hotels that represent the style and charm of the city you are visiting.  While you might sacrifice some bells and whistles of a five-star chain option, you get so much more character in return.

Maison Dupuy Hotel was created by joining five neighboring townhouses with the interior of these adjoined brick buildings making a scenic courtyard for this boutique hotel.  French doors and wrought iron balconies create a classic French Quarter style.  Located on Toulouse Street in the heart of the city, the hotel is within easy walking distance of most of New Orleans tourist attractions, including the French Market, Frenchman Street, Jackson Square, Royal Street, and the notorious Bourbon Street.

Maison Dupuy

For our Thanksgiving visit, we stayed in a Deluxe King room with Courtyard View for three nights.  From the moment we stepped foot on the property we were greeted by sincere and friendly staff that worked hard to make our stay pleasant from the valet to the desk.  And with a lobby boasting a fireplace, lemon-infused water, and grandeur furniture, we were warmly invited into this ambiance each time we came “home”.

As our flight was very early, we were able to check our luggage and leave our phone number to be contacted when the room was ready.  I was thrilled to get a call as we ate lunch letting us know that we could actually check in earlier than the designated time.  I am sure that this is offered based on how busy the hotel is, but we were appreciative of them going above and beyond to allow us in earlier.

Maison Dupuy Hotel

It is interesting how different amenities appeal to different personalities, and for my husband it was the TV.  Being Thanksgiving (when football season is in overdrive) and with him working in sports media, having a TV with cable and with HD was a huge bonus.  Right then, I knew that we would likely be coming back to the room more often than I originally planned as he would want to watch games in the comfort of the hotel room.

On the other hand, I was impressed by the size of the room and the nice view down into the Courtyard.  I was a little worried that the Courtyard and other balconies might bring in some noise, but it was cold and very few people were outside.  Honestly, the Courtyard was quiet and provided a nice view that I would imagine to be much more serene than a street view.  If I were to stay again, this is the room that I would choose and what I would recommend you consider as well.

Maison Dupuy Hotel

Another huge technology perk is the free wireless.  Just because we go out-of-town does not mean that we can unplug from work completely, and not having to pay for wireless is so nice.  I hate being nickeled-and-dimed for services during my stay.

The hotel also offers a heated swimming pool and a workout room too.  The heated pool definitely had a nice temperature, even for the cold weather, but it was just too cold this visit.  Still this is a great amenity that is just more suited to the warmer months.  It looked like there used to be a heated tub but it was covered up, and I have seen the area used as a stage space in some images.  Again, the weather was not really water-play conducive.

Maison Dupuy

Now with all this historical charm, there are some things that you should know and expect as well.  First of all, the rooms need some modest touch-ups.  There was nothing serious, just some small areas where things could improve with a little paint, a new blanket or an upgraded hairdryer.  In my opinion this was to be expected, but I think it is important to be honest and set the right impression.

In addition, while it was actually very quiet in terms of outside noise, we could hear our inside neighbors and hallway activity at times.  Again, I think this is to be expected in an older hotel as the walls will not have modern sound-proofing.  But it was not anything that prevented us from sleeping, in fact it never disturbed our peace.  This is likely luck of the draw in terms of room neighbors, but the staff appeared to do what it takes to please their customers so if there were a problem then would just be a matter of communication.

Maison Dupuy Hotel

For example, we slept very late with a “Do Not Disturb” sign one morning (thanks in part to black-out blinds and the comfortable bed) and our room was not cleaned when we came back before dinner.  We simply mentioned it to the front desk who happily arranged for this to be corrected.  Rather than fume behind closed doors, we told the staff and gave them an opportunity to remedy the situation, which they did with a smile.

We did not valet, but it is available.  However, parking in the city, especially close to the Quarter, comes at a premium cost, so be aware of that before you come.

Maison Dupuy

Another detail that deserves a mention is that the hotel does have room service for food and drink thanks to BISTREAUX, a casual eatery on-site.  We did not eat, but Dave did pick up a night-cap to bring up to the room (did I mention he loved the TV for football game viewing).  This is so very convenient.

Also, we met a woman and her dog who were staying in the hotel as well.  I love places that have a pet policy for we do like to travel with our furry friends as well.  I heard some dogs barking once I realized this, but nothing obnoxious at all, just happy barks.  I like pet-friendly places.

All in all, the Maison Dupuy is a lovely boutique hotel that includes an old style courtyard and welcoming ambiance that makes for an authentic New Orleans stay.

This hotel was arranged in part thanks to both the Maison Dupuy and the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Upon my return, my contact at the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation emailed, “Please remember the doors to New Orleans are always open to you.”  I have to say that I have never felt more welcome thanks not only to the people of the city, but also the staff of the hotel.  Thank you Maison Dupuy for opening your doors to me.  I will be back.

*Sponsored by Maison Dupuy and the New Orleans and  New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, but the opinions are all my own.

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