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Swimsuit Wants for Summer 2013


It started with our trip to Vieques, but lately I have been obsessing about swimsuits.  I find it challenging to find swimsuits that I feel confident in – it can feel so vulnerable to show skin.  Like most women, I can be my own worst critic.

While I try to be fit and healthy, I am also a curvy girl and have felt empowered by the “Honor My Curves” and “Eff Your Beauty Standards” movements, as well as plus-size models like Tess Munster, who celebrate bodies in all shapes and sizes.  I think these women are stunning and their confidence makes them sexy no matter their weight.  I have been up and down in my lbs, but I can identify with the pressures of an unrealistic ideal that not only is put on us, but honestly that I can put on myself too.

At times, I am more comfortable in plus-size stores where the bodies look closer to mine, but I can shop at standard shops as well.  I like to think that this gives me twice as many options, but I am in the double-digit sizes and would like to have more confidence in my body.  I definitely feel better about myself when I am eating right and exercising, but even in my best disciplined self, that comes from within.  Another huge thing that I did for myself was get a breast reduction surgery a few years ago.

I did this for a few reasons, mainly that it was affecting my back and neck significantly, and when I lost weight it did not affect my size as much as I hoped.  In addition it was difficult for clothes to fit — clothing is made for the average and not the ample most times.  To be honest, it was one of the best things that I have done for myself and it has opened up fun clothing options for me that were not available to me before.  However, I love these refreshing movements that have also produced more clothing options for curvy ladies.  And even with the reduction, I still need extra support and coverage.

I have been pinning some of my favorite swimsuits on Pinterest lately and am sharing them below.  As I am looking at these suits, I realize that I am attracted to a diversity of styles but tend to favor suits that seem to hold in all this deliciousness with a little bit of sexy thrown in too.  Then again, I also like the more active suits for both gym swims and water sports too.  Take a look and let me know if you have a favorite brand or suit that you love.

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