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To Cruise Or Not To Cruise : The Pros


The subject of cruise vacations is polarizing.  Generally people tend to be pro-cruise or anti-cruise and, until recently, I had no opinion as I had never been on a cruise. Even now, my only experience is a one-night promotional cruise (Read about Navigator of the Seas here), though it did give me a taste for the experience.  There are definitely benefits to a cruise vacation, and I hope that I get another opportunity for a normal cruise vacation that includes a destination.  I want to better understand and appreciate the cruise craze.

So from my first cruise experience and from talking with cruise fans, I have come up with a few reasons why cruising might be right for you:

From the moment that you get on the ship until the day you disembark, you are on vacation.  Someone will cook for you, clean for you, and even do a song and dance for you – your vacation is planned.  It is an opportunity to relax and not worry about day-to-day concerns.

For people with a fear of flying, a cruise ship is generally a much more palatable option.  You get to visit places that cars can not go without the concern of being on a plane.

From the all-you-can-eat buffets to the casinos, and even the opportunity to drink without driving, a cruise ship is a place where indulgence is not only possible but encouraged.

Cruise ships allow for you to cover a lot of ground and yet only unpack once. By visiting multiple destinations, a cruise itinerary gives you a taste of a variety of cities that you may not have visited otherwise.  It is a great way to research potential land vacations.

Children are always welcome on board and there are a lot activities designed just for kids and teens, even a childcare center for parents who desperately need a break.  Without having to think about these details, you  can spend more time together as a family and spend a lot less time answering questions about plans. No kids whining about not having enough room in the car or asking about when and where dinner will be.


For group travel, a cruise eliminates the logistical nightmare of coordinating large group.  There are options for everyone.  There are price points for everyone.  Plus it is easy for older or less healthy folks to join in the trip, making it a good way to travel with multiple generations.


The bottom line is that cruising is a good value if you are looking to experience cities that you would not normally visit on a land vacation.  It is also a fabulous option for families, especially with a mixture of young and old. The food and service are certainly good for the average person and being at sea is relaxing.  If you like to let loose and not plan then a cruise ship vacation might be right for you.

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