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Travel News: “5 Hidden Gem Hotels in Austin” | Huffington Post


If you follow my blog then you know that my husband and I used to live in Austin, and still cherish the city as an easy weekend getaway for us.  I am excited to head there this coming weekend actually.

When we visit the city, we usually favor staying with friends or vacation rentals most of the time, though there are some really great boutique hotels in the city that I would love to stay at as well.

The Huffington Post recently shared an article with five hidden gem hotels in Austin, and many of these are on my list of places to try.

One that I was surprised did not make this list is the Hotel San Jose, though it might not be “hidden” as it is in a prime location on South Congress.  We have stayed at the Hotel San Jose in Austin and loved it.  It is not an affordable stay but there is a great design and style to the hotel, not to mention prime location on South Congress as well.

The other locations also rank highly and I look forward to slowly crossing them all of my to-stay lists.

Check out these hotels and consider staying at them the next time you are headed to Austin:

5 Hidden Gem Hotels in Austin | Stephanie Keller.

Hotel Saint Cecilia

Heywood Hotel

Kimber Modern

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