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Travel News: “Best food markets around the world” from USA Today


Today’s USA Today has a fun article about the best food markets around the world that I thought was worth a share and certainly gives me some new ideas for future destinations.  I adore a good food market.

I am pleased to see that the San Francisco Ferry Building made the list.  With family in the area, we have been lucky enough to visit the city a few times and I would count this iconic landmark as one of our favorite, if not the favorite, stops along the way.

For hotels I usually place us in the Financial District thanks in part to the proximity to the Ferry Building, but also because we usually go on holidays and there is less business travel at that time so I have found good deals at nice hotels.

Additionally, we plan our trips so that we are in town for a Saturday so that we can not only go to the Ferry Building, but also experience the expanded farmers market hosted there.  With tents spilling out to the pier and esplanade in front, it is the perfect weekend activity for shopping and eating.

I look forward to adding some of these other food markets to my dream destinations.

Read more in the USA Today article:  Best food markets around the world.


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