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Visiting Anvil Bar in Houston, Texas


Drinks at Anvil

Anvil is one of those special places that helps Houston shine for the gourmet food and drink culture offered here.  The bar has been recognized by Esquire Magazine as one of the Best Bars in America (2012), as well as by Bon Appetit Magazine as a Top Ten Cocktail Bar in America (2010).  Showcasing crafted cocktails reminiscent of the prohibition era, the ingredients are handmade daily and that same care spills over into details such as proper glassware and an expansive artisan menu.

Drinks at Anvil


With so many choices, the bar challenges its customers to broaden their liquid horizons and try new drinks or revisit forgotten recipes of the past.  On their “List” of Top 100 drinks to try once, are drinks of all shapes and sizes from classic to innovative, bitter to tiki sweet.

Drinks at Anvil


The people who work here are talented mixologists who are serious about their craft.  The most interesting seat in the house is likely at the bar where viewers can witness the creation of the libations.  Overwhelmed by the choices?  Simply tell the bartender what you like and he can concoct something custom to your tastes.  It is a unique night out which also has a small gastropub menu of small plates to add something solid to your diet.

Drinks at AnvilHowever, be warned that the location is small and, with all of the positive kudos, has attracted a diverse base of cocktail consumers that quickly pack the joint.  On our visit, we were lucky enough to not only snag a great parking spot but also a table near the front.  As we sipped, the space began to fill up, so this is an early evening stop for our quiet evening preference.  It is also important to be patient.  Well-made drinks take time, so appreciate the process and plan your drink orders accordingly.  Also be prepared for a solid bill at the end of the night, and limited parking availability at the beginning of the night.

It is a top spot for drinks in the city, but the experience is best served chill outside of prime time. Cheers!

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