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Blog Share: “What is Happenning in Istanbul?” from İnsanlik Hali


This is certainly a more serious posting, but current events are definitely relevant to travel planning and considerations.  It seems that much news from Turkey is coming through non-traditional streams such as social media. This blog recently went viral and while not a travel blog, it provides an interesting look into the country right now.

Turkish Airlines has increased flights from Houston, Texas and I was just recently researching Istanbul after finding very generous airfares.  Unfortunately, it won’t work out because Coach, our golden retriever, needs surgery and so I need to save money for that instead.  However, in my research I became fascinated with the country.  So I am following the news closely and found this blog to be very compelling.  Despite the current turmoil, I do look forward to one day visiting and wish for a swift resolution to the unrest.

Read the blog here: What is Happenning in Istanbul? | İnsanlik Hali.


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