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Yoga and Massage in Vieques, Puerto Rico


Dave and I have a weekly routine for yoga two times a week and we love it.  For our anniversary trip to Vieques in Puerto Rico, we decided to try to maintain this routine to some extent.  I think I would have been pleased if we had made it once.  But, the prospect of being disciplined became much more exciting once I discovered that Hix Island House offers yoga in an outdoor pavilion on their site. It ended up being one of our top activities from the trip.

According to their website Hix Island House is a “luxurious retreat set amidst rustic Zen-like architectural elegance.”  Designed by architect John Hix, the location includes 19 eco-lodges in a lush landscape.  We actually considered staying here but in the end we decided upon a more affordable vacation rental that provided more privacy at a lesser rate, but I love the modern simplicity of the spaces there – and the yoga is definitely an added bonus to have on-site.  Next time, we might revisit a stay there.

Classes began about 9:30AM (depending on the day) and as much as I thought that getting up at 9AM would be difficult, I found myself looking forward to it very much and did not have a hard time at all.  The road to Hix Island House is very curvy and thin but it was a pretty ride and, once on the property, we felt the tranquility even before the class began.  I believe that the classes last about an hour and a half, though it was loose and I think we spent about two hours total on the property.  The cement pavilion is perfect as it sits on a hilltop allowing the breezes to flow through.  We swept the floor of fallen leaves and flowers and laid down the provided mats for a lovely vinyasa flow class with Jennifer.  At the end of class, we paid the instructor directly $15 each in cash.

I found the whole experience to be calming and fulfilling beyond my big city yoga studio norm and we quickly decided that we would do another class during our trip.  Due to other scheduling commitments, we ended up doing these back to back.  Even with our regular yoga routine, I was definitely sore but also felt peaceful and ready to take on another Vieques adventure following.

Because of that muscle fatigue, it was perfect timing to have already scheduled a couple’s massage (separate massages though) with the delightful Ingrid Bergman.  A massage is a luxury for us and something that is usually only available through gifting or online group coupons, so this was a splurge for us but one that was totally and completely worth it.  The next time I am in Vieques, I will not only make sure to do yoga with Jennifer– but I will also make an advance reservation with Ingrid to follow.

Our vacation rental (the Oreanda Guest House) had a gorgeous pool area where we set up the massage table.  It had a view of the ocean and trees with flowers providing shade.  This is the advantage to having a mobile masseuse if you are in a tropical paradise.  Dave and I both loved our massage and I genuinely would call it one of the best in my life! Of course, I had sore muscles and so I not only enjoyed it but rather needed a little kneading too.  Sincerely, Ingrid was just a pleasant person that we both enjoyed spending time with during our massage.

So if you are planning a trip to Vieques, then I am going to recommend that you use the Hix Island House website and Ingrid’s website to plan your yoga and massage- or one of the two at least.  I promise you won’t regret it!

Side note: The Tin Box Restaurant is nearby and their brunch is DELICIOUS!  Bad A** Bacon is a must.

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  1. I think I will let you do the work and plan all my vacations….but where is the Dog Vacation in Austin….you must write that one….love, your mom

  2. Hi,

    I found your blog via your tripadvisor post. You might want to give that one a bump up the forum when you’re finished with Vieques. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I enjoyed reading. Sorry to hear about your car. Did you find Black sand Beach? We somehow ran out of time. I’d love to read about that and perhaps a lodging review? You’ve given me some great ideas for our second trip (as yet unplanned).

    • Thank you for reading my blog! I am so appreciative of your comments. It is a new blog so it is nice to see people respond.

      We actually never found Black Sand Beach. Once we hit the Jeep, it kinds ruined the mood so we just decided to get out of the tight spot and leave. I did walk part of the way down, while my husband waited in the car, just to see if it was close. The walk was rather stinky for some reason and we had heard that it was fun to see but not great for chilling out. I think we hoped to come back with a fresh perspective later, but other beach hunts became the priority.

      It is very hard to find, no signage really, just a spray painted “Negra” with an arrow on a rail. And we did not know that you park on the side of the road, so we tried to navigate some very 4×4 roads that were not meant for cars, even Jeeps. Not to fun of a tale on that one I am afraid.

      But I do hope to do a review of our Oreana Guest house on my blog too. I did one on Trip Advisor too, but want to give more details.

      Here is the Homeaway listing:

      And while I hope to write more on the blog, in the meantime here is my Tripadvisor review:

      • Great! Thanks for the links. I’m sorry about Playa Negra. We found the rail and the parking space, but it was getting too late in the day for a hike. We never made it back. Oh well, it’s nice to have some adventures waiting for the next time.

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